Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017

Wednesday – September 6, 2017
Orange Day
Happy Birthday Mrs. Easton!
Good Luck to the Cross Country Team as they travel to Springs today.

Be sure to sign in and out if you are donating blood today.

Do you want a chance to win 4 Garth Brooks Tickets?   See a Winterguard member - raffle ends today!!!!!

The JV & JH football teams took on MVP last night in Mt. Vernon.  The JV came out on top 8-6 and the JH won 28-0.  Great Job Guys!

Sophomores and Seniors – Have you turned your Josten’s order into Mr. Siemsen yet?

HS FB practice at Woonsocket today.

Soccer practice at Woonsocket today.

9-12 VB is at Woonsocket today and 7/8th at SC.

WWTS meets in Artesian tonight.

Sonshine Club and confirmation meet in Letcher today.

Juniors will be ASVAB testing tomorrow morning. 

The picture retake date has been moved to September 28th.  Mrs. Danek has order forms if you need one.

Mark your calendar – SD children’s Theatre is coming to SC September 18th!  Students in grades K-8 are eligible to audition.

One small change to JV FB schedule.  On October 2, the JV team will host Wagner at Sanborn Central at 4:30 pm.  It was originally scheduled for 5:00 pm.  As of right now the JH game that day at Wagner is still 5:00 pm.

 From Coach Kolousek……..Saturday, September 9th is the youth football jamboree.  Any JH and HS players that are available, we could use your help in doing chains for these games.  Any players interested in doing chains for the youth jamboree, please let me know.  Any coaches or adults that would be interested in helping officiate or do chains at the youth jamboree on September 9th please let me know.  You do not have to commit to whole day.  Just let me know what time you would be able to volunteer on Saturday.

The September Cheer Calendar has been uploaded to our Google Drive.

The Sept 19th volleyball game with Wolsey/Wessington is being moved to Woonsocket and the Oct. 5 volleyball game will be played at Sanborn Central.  NOTE CONCESSION WORKERS!!!!  Greg & Jeannette Cornelius, Jim and Angie Fridley, Mark Stevens, Mark & Brenda Nelson, and Tiffany Tueffel

All-State Chorus auditions will be held in the music room on Friday, September 8th from 11:30-12:25.  Students wishing to audition should report to the music room at that time.  

In case you are looking ahead on the calendars – the Spring Concert date has been moved to April 26th.
Apparently there has been some discussion about the ages allowed for Sonshine Club.  All children must be in kindergarten before they can attend Sonshine Club.  Pre-school children are not allowed to attend.   We don’t have the enough staff to handle the smaller children — also, their attention span does not match that of the K-4th Grade.   

Snack Pack Program - Letcher Community Church is one of the churches in the county doing this program. Since people often ask what we need we thought we would put out a notice here and in the church news letter. Our main needs are: cans of Spaghetti O's, lasagna and soups.  Boxes of instant oatmeal, fruit cups or applesauce, pudding snacks, Little Debbie cakes or other individually wrapped snacks like PB crackers, cheese crackers, Popcorn and drink boxes like HI C fruit drinks, Peanut butter small jars and Ritz type crackers. Your donations help us pack meals for an estimated 20 children that need meals for weekends when patents aren't around. Donations can go to the Letcher Church or contact Tambi Wormstadt.

Looking for some extra cash?  The Daily Republic has routes open in Letcher and Artesian.  No Sundays and no collecting plus a free subscription along with pay!  Call Lakin at 1-800-520-5514 for more information. 

Save the date
Wednesday, September 6th
Woonsocket Community Center
5:00pm – Food Giveaway
Sponsored by the Sanborn County Food Pantry and Feeding South Dakota.
A partnership to help if you are struggling with providing nutritious foods for your families! 

September 9th
Dollars for Dogs Day
1:00pm at the Country Pumper with a parade at 3:30
Bring your dog, family and lawn chairs!

Thursday – September 7th – Blue Day:  HS/JH FB @ Woony
               JV-V VB @ Mitchell C – Bus 5:25
               Eligibility – Missing Assignments at Noon
               Cheer Practice @ Woony
Friday – September 8th – Orange Day: 9-12 VB @ Woony     7-8th VB @ SC     No FB Practice
               All State Chorus Auditions
Saturday – September 9th:  CBH Conference VB Tourney
Monday – September 11th Blue Day:  JV FB vs. Madison @ SC 4:00     JH/V FB @ SC
               9-12 VB @ SC   7/8th VB @ Woony
               School Board Meeting
               Cheer Practice @ SC
Tuesday – September 12th  Orange Day: HS/JH FB @ W
               VB @ Springs 4:00 Bus 3:00 JH/C/JV/V
               Cross Country @ Arlington
               Cheer Practice @ SC
Wednesday – September 13th Blue Day: HS FB @ Woony
                9-12 VB @ SC   7-8th VB @ Woony
                WWTS Artesian              Rock Solid Letcher
Today’s Menu: Chicken Patty – Mashed Potatoes/Gravy – Corn – Salad Bar – wheat Roll & Jelly (6-12) – Fruit choice – Milk Choice
Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Waffle Round – Fruit Cup – Juice Choice – Milk Choice
     Menu: Pizza – Mixed Vegetables – Salad Bar – Fruit Choice – Milk Choice

 “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

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