Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 11, 2017

Thursday – May 11, 2017
Orange Day – NO TUTORING
Happy Birthday Ciara Allen!
Friday, May 12th all Computers and chargers must be returned to the labs and put in their slots for check out purposes!
Just a reminder that our Rebel Character Counts Board will close on Friday at noon!

Just a warning – all school property and bills must be taken care of before you will receive your report card or diploma!  If Ms. Farrell-Poncelet’s list is an indicator it’s huge!

Students participating in the 5-8 Vocal Contest need to report to the music room at 2:15 today: Ayla M, Jaslyn S, Shania C, Isabella B, Kerstyn S, Tapanga H, Sidney S, Logan S, Harley K, Ellie E, Casady D, Michael H, Emmie K, Dayton E, Ellie K, Lily O, and Isaiah H.  Good Luck Everyone!

1:53 today 6th will have study hall with Mrs. Miller.  2:39 the 7/8th study hall will be with Mrs. Farmer

No Track Practice today!  May 12th after school at SC.  May 15th practice will be at 11:15 for SC athletes.  May 16th practice will be at 10:00 for SC athletes & May 17th there will be a joint practice at Wessington Springs at 9:00 a.m.

There is a football meeting at 2:15 for grades 6-11 interested in football players today.  

Mr. Kroeger is starting his day tomorrow in Woonsocket but will return by 9:30 (we hope).  If the lights are off – there are no lessons!

Friday, May 12th – final Semester tests for the year begin!   Students with failing grades or missing assignments will need to be here all day testing days.  Other HS students may leave during blocks where tests aren’t given or the teacher allows.  Remember to sign in and out!

8:15am – Friday – May 12th – Graduation Rehearsal (8th grade, seniors, Attendants) – SC Gym  
GraduationSaturday4:00pmSC Gym
Picture Schedule for Saturday – 2:00 Individual (8th & seniors) 3:00 8th grade class followed by Seniors.    Picture order forms can be found at
Elementary & MS grades are due on report cards by 8:00am Monday, May 15th.

Results from Tuesday’s 281 Conference Track Meet in Huron: The girls and boys both finished 3rd overall. Girls: 100 M Dash: 7th Abby Vermeulen 14.02; 400 M Dash: 1st Caycee Guinn 1:03.19; 1600 M Run: 5th Ellie Voneye 6:25.34; Shot Put: 8th Kaylee White 28’4”; High Jump: 1st Myah Selland 5’; Medley: 1st(Trin, Megan, Taylor, Ellie) 4:58.15; 400 M Relay: 6th(Abby, Sarah, Kaylee, Catherine) 1:01.02; 800 M Relay: 1st(Trin, Caycee, Abby, Megan) 1:58.59; 1600 M Relay: 3rd(Caycee, Sarah, Megan, Taylor) 4:37.77; Discus: 3rd Erica Howard 85’3”; Triple Jump: 1st Myah Selland 33’11”, 5th Sarah Morgan 28’1.5”; 3200 M Run: 6th Ellie Voneye 14:27.09; 800 M Run: 1st Myah Selland 2:31.73, 6th Caycee Guinn 2:39.9; 200 M Dash: 5th Trinity Boschee 29.04; 300 M Hurdles: 1st Myah Selland 50.51, 5th Trinity Boschee 54.37; Boys: 110 Hurdles: 2nd Weston Baysinger 22.1; 100 M Dash: 2nd Logun Feistner 11.12; Long Jump: 7th Koby Larson 17’1.5”; High Jump: 3rd Sawyer Senska 5’7”, 6th Jared Goldhammer 5’3”; Medley: 1st(Wyatt, Logun, Spens, Trey) 3:56.74; 400 M Relay: 4th(Alex, Cage, Sawyer, Koby) 51.11; 300 Hurdles: 1st Spens Schlicht 45.5, 7th Weston Baysinger 55.54; 200 M Dash: 2nd Logun Feistner 23.65; 800 M Run: 6th Jared Goldhammer 2:35.47; 3200 M Run: 6th Sawyer Senska 12:23.25; Triple Jump: 6th Wyatt Feistner 36’4.5”, 8th Koby Larson 35’8.5”; Discus: 5th Wesley Linke 103’10”; 3200 M Relay: 3rd(Schlicht, Goldhammer, Schmit, Weber) 9:10.17; 1600 M Relay: 4th(Schlicht, Schmit, Weber, Goldhammer) 3:57.38; 800 M Relay: 2nd(Feistner, Schmit, Weber, Feistner) 1:40.3;

Results from Wednesday’s CBH Conference Track Meet in Mt. Vernon: The girls and boys both placed 4th overall. Girls: Triple Jump: 4th Sarah Morgan 26’9”; Discus: 8th Kaylee White 85’4”; Long Jump: 8th Tesa Jensen 12’; 3200 M Relay: 4th(Caycee, Trin, Megan, Taylor) 11:37.34; 100 M Dash: 6th Abby Vermeulen 14.4; 800 M Relay: 2nd(Trin, Caycee, Abby, Megan) 2:01.38; 400 M Dash: 4th Taylor Lindsey 1:12.33, 5th Sarah Morgan 1:13.52; Medley Relay: 1st(Trin , Megan, Caycee, Myah) 4:34.03(State Qualifying); 200 M Dash: 5th Trinity Boschee 29.74; 1600 M Relay: 4th(Abby, Sarah, Megan, Taylor) 5:06.75; Boys: High Jump: 6th Sawyer Senska 5’3”; Triple Jump: 3rd Wyatt Feistner 34’4”, 4th Koby Larson 34’4”; 3200 M Relay: 3rd(Jared, Spens, Austin, Sawyer) 9:41.94; 100 M Dash: 1st Logun Feistner 11.69; 800 M Relay: 3rd(Wyatt, Austin, Jared, Logun) 1:41.40; 400 M Relay: 4th(Alex, Cage, Sawyer, Koby) 51.18; Medley: 1st(Wyatt, Logun, Austin, Spens) 4:02.12; 800 M Run: 6th Carter Linke 2:33.78; 200 M Dash: 2nd Logun Feistner 23.98; 3200 M Run: 3rd Sawyer Senska 12:28.41; 1600 M Relay: 3rd(Spens, Austin, Koby, Jared) 4:02.79

​Only one more track meet left for the year... well besides State that is :)

Volleyball Summer Schedule has been uploaded to our Google Drive

 Boys Basketball Summer Schedule is out and about!  You can find it at

REMINDER: The FFA Banquet will be held at Sanborn Central next Monday, May 15th starting at 6 p.m.  The meal will be a potluck with the following assignments:  9th/10th: Main Dish and 11th/12th: Salad/Desserts

The schedule for the 5-8th vocal contest on May 11th can be found on our Google Drive in the music folder.

The Booster Club is looking for someone to take over the Concession Stand Supervisor position. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:  ordering supplies, preparing food, clean up after all home games, creating a worker schedule, etc.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact Roxann Larson at or 770-2077.   

 Little League Baseball players – practice on Thursday will be in Letcher due to new Agri Lime going on the Artesian Field.

The Artesian CIA will be holding a work night at the Artesian Baseball Diamonds on Thursday, May 11 at 6:30pm. There will be two loads of agrilime that need to be hauled and raked on the infield. Any extra hands willing to bring shovels or rakes will be greatly appreciated! 
Please join us for an open house bridal shower
Jessica Schmit (future bride of Nathan Dawson) Bridal Shower
Sunday, May 21st at 1:30pm
Artesian Community Center.
They will be registering at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond,, and Bonnie's DeKor.

I Believe-We Believe-Memorial 5K Run/Walk
Registration Due Friday, May 26th
We will be doing a run/walk again this year during Letcher Alumni weekend. This year our walk will be for Childhood Cancer. We will be doing the event In Memory of Tanna and In Honor of Paisley King.  The run/walk will be held on Saturday June 10th at 10:00 a.m. in Letcher! We hope to see everyone there! If you would just like a shirt we still need you to fill out the form I will post the registration form on the page as well  - Be sure to like our Facebook Page
Registration Form

Information regarding the Woonsocket Library Summer Reading Program is being sent home with students through 6th grade.  The kick off celebration will be held June 7th.  A registration form (due June 1st) can be found at

Cooperation Creating Every Day Heroes
Sanborn County Farmers Union Day Camp
Tuesday – May 23, 2017
Ages 6-13
$5.00 includes Lunch
Registration due May 16th!

Friday – May 12th: Blue Day Semester Tests    
               Graduation practice 8:15       Golf @ Plank – lvg about 9:00
               Track @ SC
Saturday – May 13th – Graduation 4:00pm
Monday – May 15th: Orange Day      HS track @ 11:15  
               FFA Banquet @ SC 6:00 Orange Testing   
          Pre-School Celebration-No 5-8 Chorus   
          2:00pm Upland Colony Graduation           
          EL/MS Grades by 8:00
Tuesday – May 16th:  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – 10:00 am Dismiss  
              281 Conference Golf
              PK-6th Field Day
             Teacher Check Out 10:30 or later
Wednesday – May 17th:  HS Track @ Springs 9:00am
Today’s Menu:  HS/MS Chicken Drumsticks – Beef Sticks – Pork Rib – Ham & Cheese Sandwich       EL Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Patty
Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Bagel & String Cheese        Menu: Sloppy Joe – Taco Burger – Cheese Breadsticks – Tex-Mex Chicken Flatbread

 “Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential.” —Kerry Washington

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