Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

Tuesday – October 10, 2017
Orange Day - Tutoring
The 1st Quarter ends on Friday – Are your grades the best they can be?

Good Luck to the VB teams as they travel to JVC today.  The bus will leave here at 3:00.  JH Gals hit the court at 4:00 followed by C/JV/V…..Blackhawk Fever!

HS FB practices at Woonsocket today.               

 5/6th G/B Basketball at SC today.

Good Luck to our Cross Country team (Austin S) at regions tomorrow.

Books are Fun should be in the 3rd office later today.

There will be a character Counts meeting in the board room at 7:45 tomorrow morning.

Ms. Bratcher will be gone tomorrow.  No Band or lessons – study halls instead!

Juniors – Little Caesar forms are due Wednesday at 3:00 to Ms. Farrell-Poncelet.

The synopsis from last nights school board meeting can be found at

Eligibility and MS Updates are due at noon on Thursday!

All grades are due on all report cards by 3:00pm on Wednesday, October 18th!

Juniors and Seniors - The deadline for the October ACT has been extended to Oct. 10th. Apply today or tomorrow and late fees will apply! 

Attention: Students in Grades 5 -12 who are committed to providing community service. You are eligible to apply for the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. See Mrs. Johnson for more details or go to https://spirit.prudential.com/

Juniors & Seniors - Start considering what dual credit courses you would like to take in the spring. The classes are up online now at the SDMyLife site. Please let me know when you decide on the class or classes you will be taking. Starting November 20th an online application process will be available and we will start applying then.   Mrs. Johnson

Blackhawk Football Schedule for Oct 9-13.
         Tuesday and Wednesday – HS practice at Woonsocket – 4:00 pm
         Thursday – HS Practice at Wessington Springs – 4:00 pm
         Friday – HS Game vs. Winner – 7:00 pm
o   Senior Night – We will recognize seniors and their parents at about 6:45 pm. 

Friday’s football game with Winner will be broadcast on KWYR out of Winner and KOKK out of Huron.   Game will also be livestreamed on http://winnerwarriorslive.com/football/    It is Senior Night.  We will be announcing senior cheerleaders and football players and their parents at about 6:45 pm.

The VB Gals will be hosting a Cancer Awareness Night on Tuesday, October 24th in Woonsocket.  Proceeds will go to Cathy Hegge and Coach Baruth.  Below is a link for the T-shirts that are being sold.  Orders must be in by the 16th!  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxqWDgwTHOqeNHRZaFU3YVFYOTg/view?usp=sharing

3/4th Grade Boys interested in basketball – sign up forms will be sent home today.  Thank you to the parents who are doing this voluntarily! They are due back on Monday, October 16th to Mary.  Parents you can access the form here  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxqWDgwTHOqeczNnQWQ5SDRUdDg/view?usp=sharing

4-10th Girls and 7/8th Boys interested in Trying out for a Spring/Summer Tri-State Ambush Basketball Team see Mary for more information.  Tryouts are on 11/12.

Marching band will leave here at 7:45 on Friday.  Sidney S and Michael H will be joining Catherine B, Samantha D, Renee F, Madi M, Sarah M, Chloe R, Adriana S, Katie S, Abby V, Dayton E, Brighten H, Mason M, Dana S, and Leighton T

The following students will be attending the All-State Chorus prep day at SDSU in Brookings on Thursday, October 12th:  Lucy N, Ellie K, Alexis K, Katie M, Kendra M, Dayton E, Harley K, and Leighton T.  The bus will be departing SC at 6:30 am.​

Concession workers for the 5/6th game on October 12th are: Stacy & Ivy Senska, JD and Jenny Easton, Jim and Angie Fridely

Concession workers for the October 16th VB game are: Kevin and Lynette Kingsbury, Bridgett Larson, Carol Nicholson, Jeff & Melissa Wormstadt, Dennis & Donna Morgan

Wednesday – October 11th – Blue Day: HS FB @ Woony    
       Rock Solid @ Letcher 
       WWTS @ Artesian
       9-12 VB @ SC     7/8th VB @ Woony   
       CC Regions @ Gettysburg     
      Cheer Practice @ SC 
      NO BAND
Thursday – October 12th – Orange Day:  VB vs. KWL @ Woony 4:00 JH/C/JV/V    
      HS FB @ Springs
      5/6th G/B vs. Mitchell C @ SC 4:00 
      All State Chorus Bus @ 6:30
      Eligibility/MS Updates-noon
Friday – October 13th – Blue Day:  END OF 1ST QTR – FB vs. Winner @ Springs (Sr Night) 
       5/6th Ball @ Woony     
       9-12 VB @ SC   7/8th VB @ Woony
      Band @ Sioux Valley Bus @ 7:45
Monday – October 16th – Orange Day:  Flu Shot Clinic  
      VB vs. Cor/Stick @ SC (Knigge/Harless)   JH Scrimmage  4:15/C/JV/V  
      USD Rep 11:30
      3/4th BB forms due 
      Cancer Shirt orders due
Tuesday – October 17th – Blue Day: VB vs. Hit/Tulare 5:15 JH/JV/V   
      5/6th G/B vs. Springs @ Woony 6:00  
      All State Chorus at DWU
Today’s Menu: Chicken Nuggets – Mashed Potatoes/Gravy – Corn – Salad Bar – Wheat Roll & Jelly (6-12) Fruit/Milk
Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Breakfast Wrap – Fruit Cup – Juice Choice – Milk Choice
    Menu: Hamburger on a Bun – Sweet Potato Fries – Green beans – Salad Bar – Whole Grain Rice Crispy Bar – Fruit Choice - Milk Choice

Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it. ~Sudie Back

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