Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday, January 11th

Friday, January 11th
Orange Day

281 conference girls/boys basketball tournament are as follows...January 11th (girls) will play Iroquois at 3:30 in Wolsey
January 12th (boys) the boys will play Iroquois at 5:30 in Wolsey
The entire 281 Conference Basketball Tournament will be aired live on Santel Channel 102.  The games will start broadcasting at 1:00.

The 281 Conference Basketball Tournaments will be aired live on Santel Channel 102 starting Friday at 3:30.   Saturday the Santel Chanel will start at 1:00.

BB at SC tonight

Drumline at 6:30

The journalism class is hard at work and would like to keep you informed. 
Please visit to read some of the articles posted.

January 17th- Last day for HS students to add/drop classes.

January 17th- Eligibility will be taken

January 18th-"All you need is love"...or chocolate and roses. The junior class will be selling half pound boxes of fudge (9 flavors and 2 additional sugar free options) and roses for Valentine's Day. They will have five rose packages available this year. Talk to your favorite junior to order yours now! All orders must be placed by January 18th to ensure they arrive in time. Plan Ahead!!!!!

January 25th-Dakotaland Federal Credit Union scholarship is due - See Mrs. Johnson for Applications

January 28th-ticket takers are Rachael Foster, Nikki Dawson

January 28th-concession workers are Stacy & Ivy Senska, and Steve & Roxann Larson

April 1st- boys state application due.

Juniors - The application process is now open. You can access the Boys State 

Application for the participants here:  BOYS STATE APPLICATION

Sophomores - HOBY Youth Leadership Seminar

Talk to Mrs. Johnson if you are interested in either

January 18th-JV GB/BB Round-Robin @ Springs schedule is listed below with uniform assignments.  There will be concessions available and our local music boosters will have meal available for purchase. 

4:00 pm - GB – SCW(dark) vs WS (white)
4:45 pm - GB – WW (white) vs SCW (dark)
5:30 pm - GB – WS (dark) vs WW (white)
6:15 pm - BB – SCW (dark) vs WW (white)
7:00 pm - BB – WS (white) vs SCW (dark)
7:45 pm - BB – WW (dark)  vs WS (white)

10 minute halves – regular clock
3 minute halftimes
5 minute warmups 

January 19th- DWU is offering a couple of baseball camps more information is available in the office.

March 9th-The power lifting team will attend SF Roosevelt State Meet

Wolsey JH games at Wolsey have been moved Jan. 29 to Feb 1 
Girls 6 PM, Boys 7 PM
These are the changes that have been made to the basketball schedule since it originally went out:  
Feb 16th - JH Round Robin will be played in Woonsocket not Sanborn Central

Febuary 1st-JH BB games on Feb. 1 will start at 5PM at Wolsey---Girls 5PM with boys to follow

Open House Baby Shower for “Baby Boy Feistner”
Soon-to-be parents are Shanda & Heath
 Sunday, January 13th, 2019 @ 1:30pm at the Artesian Community Center
Registered at Buy Buy Baby (Bed Bath & Beyond), Target and Amazon.
Please bring a book instead of a card

The Deubrook booster club is having a prom dress resale.  If you would like to do some shopping please visit the following link for times and dates.

Febuary 6th-Feeding SD will be at the Woonsocket Community Center starting at 5:00.  Please visit the following link for more information.

Friday – Jan 11th – Blue: GB @ 281 Tourney vs. Iroquois at 3:30        BB @ SC
Saturday – Jan 12th: BB 281 Tourney vs. Iroquois 5:30       3/4th GB @ Woony      5th Boys @ Willow Lake
Monday – Jan 14th – Blue: GBB 281 Tourney TBD      BB ???        Drumline @ SC       5th GB @ Woony 
Tuesday – Jan 15th – Orange: Boys 281            GBB @ Woony Drumline @ SC
Wednesday – Jan 16th – Blue: GB @ SC      BB @ Woony         WWTS @ Artesian Rock Solid @ Letcher
Thursday – Jan 17th – Orange: Last day to drop/add a HS Class Tutoring
281 Championship games 1st Eligibility of the quarter
Friday-Jan 18th-Blue Last day for Jr. Class Fundr.     JV GBB @ Springs

Monday Breakfast-Benefit Bar, Applesauce
Monday Lunch-Baked Chicken Drumsticks, Rice, Broccoli, Oatmeal Roll, Peaches

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